Monday 16 July 2007

stainless steel and nickel alloys

The product manufacturer of the plate of the alloy of the stainless steel and nickel has been and continues being ours only business. We know it better than any person. Storing the stainless inventory of the plate of the greatest and more extensive single-site of North America, we are heavyweight of the industry. With on 15 million pounds of stainless and nickel-plating the plate of the alloy available, covering 24 degrees and 35 thicknesses, we can satisfy your to demand and hard-to-we found requirements. On with 100 pieces of equipment of VAP of the plate in site, we can virtually provide with you any form or required configuration, with the pieces that are cut of the plasma to waterjet abrasive cut to Machincut (our “specialty of the house”) and much more.

202 Stainless Steel Round Bars

Composite steel SS Round bars can be contact welded. Fashioning of SS 202 Round bars Combination Steel Preheat SS 202 Round bars designing s...