Thursday 12 May 2005

Stainless Steel Wire Applications

SSINA: Stainless Steel Applications: Wire: "A round or shaped cold reduced product in coils only. There are several grades of steel that Wire is available in. Use the guide below to find out which is right for you. Grade Description Applications 304 General Purpose Fasteners, nails and brads, Lock washers, Wire belts, Rivets, Braided hoses (click here for complete list) 308Higher Cr & Ni used primarily for weldingWelding filler wire 309Cr & Ni increased for high temperatureFurnace Parts 316Mo added to increase corrosion resistanceChemical processing equipment, Shafts, Sea water components, Reinforcing bar tie wire (click here for complete list) 317More Mo & Cr added for better corrosion performanceChemical processing equipment, Pulp & paper manufacturing equipment, Wire cloth 321Ti added to prevent carbicle precipitationHose braid 409Lower Cr Primarily used for automotive exhaustWelding wire for exhaust systems 410General PurposeFasteners, nails and brads, Shafts 420Increased C to improve mechanical propertiesSurgical staples, Dental instruments, Surgical instruments, Fish hooks 430P & S added for improved machiningFormed wire parts, Steel wool, Pot scrubbers 439A higher chromium version of 409Exhaust system brackets, Wheel cover spokes, Welding wire 446Cr increased to improve scaling resistanceGlass sealing pins SHEET & STRIP PLATE BAR WIRE TUBING

202 Stainless Steel Round Bars

Composite steel SS Round bars can be contact welded. Fashioning of SS 202 Round bars Combination Steel Preheat SS 202 Round bars designing s...