Tuesday 10 May 2005

Stainless Steel Properties

Most stainless steels have relatively high strength, good corrosion resistance and ductility. The differences are due to the structure and the different alloying elements used. Some general guidelines are:

A) 300 Series:

Excellent corrosion resistance

Typical strength (in the annealed condition) 85 ksi – tensile, 40 ksi – yield and 50% elongation

Cannot be heat treated but can be hardened by “cold working” (up to 185 ksi – tensile, 140 ksi – yield


Good high and low temperature mechanical properties

Can be polished to a bright mirror finish

B) “Non-Hardenable” 400 Series

Good corrosion resistance

Typical strength 65 - 75 ksi – tensile, 35 - 50 ksi – yield and elongation 20 - 35%


Limited temperature use

Can be polished

C) “Hardenable” 400 Series

Some adequate corrosion resistance

Hardenable by heat treatment


Somewhat limited temperature use

*The SSINA Designer Handbook “Design Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Stainless Steel” has more data on all the common stainless steels

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